Tools for compact HEMT modeling

used at XLIM lab


This page is dedicated to people who perform measurement based compact models of HEMTs with XLIM tools.
Here are two usefull scilab programs to complete XLIM tools.
EASY_CAPA : To extract 1D nonlinear capacitance (Cgs and Cgd) from MES file ;
EASY_TAJIMA : To fit IV network such as XLIM's fit but here you can display RF Gm and Gd to be sure to fit S parameters too.

Download and installation

1. Download the archive file for Easy Capa here and for Easy Tajima here
2. Unzip the file in your Scilab contrib directory (SCI+\contrib)
3. Install the Toolbox : exec(SCI+'/contrib/???/builder.sce')
4. Now, the desired toolbox can be loaded from the Scilab Toolbox menu.