Scilab and Scicoslab Toolboxes

GPIB Toolbox : Communicate with your GPIB instrument through the VISA layer (Windows/Linux). I highly recommend NI-VISA (with NI488) instead of Agilent one. You can download it from national instrument ftp here and here

WinSOCKET Toolbox : [discontinued] Drive your TCP/IP instrument without any driver or VISA layer (Windows only : it uses the winsocket library v.1)

Surface Interpolation : This function builds automatically an interpolated regular grid from scattered 3D-data in order to use the contour() or plot3d() functions for example

SOCKET Toolbox : Drive your TCP/IP instrument without any driver or VISA layer (works on every OS !!)

XLIM HEMT Modeling Toolboxes : Complementary tools used at XLIM for HEMTs modeling

Microwave Toolbox : Essential tools for RF and microwave work under Scilab 5 and Scicoslab

Free LabVIEW Toolbox for RF instrumentation

Open LSNA in LabVIEW : The best toolbox in LabVIEW to simplify your measurements in RF and microwave. It's available. It's free. It's open-source. Enjoy!

Free online RF tools

VNA CalKit Manager : A simple interface to manage and analyse your SOLT VNA CalKits. This program is in Javascript and can be launched from any browser.

RF and Microwave Tools for Google Chrome

VNA CalKit Manager : The Chrome application version that works either on-line or off-line.

Clock for RF Nerds : Display a Smith Chart Clock when you open a new tab. So totally useless that it is utterly indispensable...


Résumé : LaTeX project example for your résumé / Curriculum Vitae

Conferences and Journals : LaTeX project example for conferences and journal submission