The WinSOCKET Toolbox for Scilab

for TCP IP instrumentation without the VISA layer


Here is a WinSOCKET toolbox for Scilab. This toolbox enables communications between an instrument located via TCPIP protocol and Scilab. The RAW SOCKET functions are available in my GPIB toolbox but depends of your VISA layer. If your Window's VISA doesn't support Raw Socket, then you can use this small toolbox. This toolbox is very usefull in order to drive Automated Programmable Tuners manufactured by Focus Microwave : iTuners.

Focus iTuners driven with Scilab
Two Focus iTuners driven by Scilab !!!


// Exemple done with two iTuners by Focus Microwave
SOCKET_open(1,"",23); // The session #1 is opened
SOCKET_open(2,"",23); // The session #2 is opened

// Now we can communicate with devices...

Download and installation

1. Download the archive file for Windows (here) only
2. Unzip the file in your Scilab contrib directory (SCI+\contrib)
3. Execute the SOCKET loader located at SCI+\contrib\SOCKET\loader.sce