The SOCKET Toolbox for Scilab

for TCP IP instrumentation without the VISA layer


The WINSOCKET Toolbox was available since 2006. But this NEW toolbox DO NOT USE the Winsocket librairy. The source code is 100% Scilab and it works whatever your OS (Windows, Linux, OS X,...). You just need Scilab and the embedded TCL TK kernel.
The functions are quite the same between this version and the WinSocket toolbox. The only difference is the buffer : you don't have to specify it during SOCKET_read() or SOCKET_query() calls.

Focus iTuner driven with Scilab
TCP-IP intrumentation under openSuse 10.2
Focus iTuner driven with Scilab
TCP-IP intrumentation under Windows XP


// Exemple done with two iTuners by Focus Microwave
SOCKET_open(1,"",23); // The session #1 is opened
SOCKET_open(2,"",23); // The session #2 is opened

// Now we can communicate with devices...

Other example : check your mail


-->SOCKET_write(1,"user tibault.reveyrand")

ans =

!+OK connected to pop3 on 8201 !
! !
!+OK name is a valid mailbox !

--> _

Download and installation

1. Download the archive file here :
Scilab 4.xx and Scicoslab toolbox
Scilab 5.xx toolbox Thanks to Yann Colette for the Scilab 5.2 version.
2. Unzip the file in your Scilab contrib directory (SCI+\contrib)
3. Install the Toolbox : exec(SCI+'/contrib/SOCKET/builder.sce')
4. Now, the SOCKET toolbox can be loaded from the Scilab Toolbox menu.

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